About Australian Disability Sport

At Australian Disability Sport, our mission is to empower individuals with disabilities through sports and recreation. We are committed to creating an inclusive and accessible environment where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can participate, compete, and excel in various sporting activities. Our primary goal is to promote the physical, mental, and social well-being of people with disabilities across Australia. We strive to provide equal opportunities for participation, enabling individuals to discover their full potential, build self-confidence, and develop life skills through the transformative power of sports.

wheelchair basketball

We work tirelessly to break down barriers and challenge societal perceptions surrounding disability, fostering a culture of acceptance, respect, and diversity. By promoting inclusivity and equality in sports, we aim to raise awareness and advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities, ensuring they are valued and included within the broader community.

Through partnerships with organisations, institutions, and passionate individuals, we aim to build a strong network of support and resources for disabled athletes, coaches, and volunteers. We provide training, education, and mentorship programs to enhance skills, knowledge, and opportunities within disability sport, fostering a sustainable and thriving sporting community.

At Australian Disability Sport, we believe in the transformative power of sport to inspire, motivate, and create positive change in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Through our commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration, we strive to build a society where disability is not a barrier to achieving athletic dreams and where all individuals can experience the joy and fulfillment of participating in sports.